Architectural Review Board

Montebello has an Architectural Review Board (ARB) that is charged with ensuring that the initial design or modification of each Montebello home will comply with requirements of the Montebello Covenants and other policies and will harmonize with other homes in each of our neighborhoods. The ARB has three major roles:

  1. Approving new construction plans and new landscaping plans (New Construction Approval and Landscaping Plan Approval)
  2. Approving changes to the exterior of established homes and surrounding landscapes. (Approval of Modifications to Existing Homes or Landscaping)
  3. Approving who is allowed to build in Montebello (Approved Builder Process)


Property owners are required to obtain ARB plan approvals in advance of new home construction, new landscape installation, modifications to exteriors of existing homes and landscapes improvements for existing homes. To obtain ARB approval, you must complete the appropriate paperwork and submit the required forms and supporting materials to the Montebello Property Manager, Christina Lewis, at [email protected].   For any questions, contact [email protected].


Modifications to Existing Homes or Landscaping:

Any change to the exterior of an existing home (including roof replacement, paint colors, renovations, additions, or other improvements) or to the landscaping (removal/addition of trees and bushes, new hardscape, or other improvements) must be approved by the ARB before changes are undertaken.  Additional information and the request form can be found in the Resident Portal in the Architectural Review Board folder.


New Construction:  No improvements can be made to a lot (including clearing the lot) without approval from the ARB. The ARB must approve all new construction plans and landscape plans. Review the document titled “New Construction in Montebello” as well as the Montebello Covenants and Restrictions to learn more about the requirements for the submitted plans.  The forms to be completed can be found in the Resident Portal in the Architectural Review Board folder.

Approved Builder Process:  The ARB is responsible for vetting and selecting qualified builders who are capable of building high quality Montebello homes. Licensed Builders who would like to apply to build a house in Montebello should review the requirements below and submit the documentation and supporting materials to Christina Lewis, the Montebello Property Manager, at [email protected].

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